Metal Processing

Metal processing

In the field of metal, aluminum and sheet metal processing, SKM has years of experience and expertise. Here you will find a list of our production techniques, which - depending on customer requirements - are applied.

Schneiden, Sägen, Schleifen, cutting, sawing, whetting

Cutting, sawing & grinding

In production, we use high quality machines, such as metal circular saw machine, plate shears, swing bending machine, press brake and pipe bending machines to process various materials according to customer's requirements.

Schweißen welding


In our welding facilities, we can join a wide variety of metal workpieces to form complete assemblies. Depending on the materials to be processed, we use different welding processes such as TIG, MAG or MIG welding.

Bohren Gewindeschneiden tap gouge

Drilling & Thread Cutting

In drilling and threading, we attach great importance to precise dimensions and quality. Our products are made according to customers' requirements.

Stanzen Kanten pressing edging

Punching & Edging

With our automatic punching machines, press brake and edging benches, we are able to produce sheet metal components in a wide range of sizes and variants.

Pulverbeschichtung powder coating

Powder coating & electroplating

To finish metal surfaces, we use powder coating with different powder qualities and colours, both indoors and outdoors. You choose from a variety of RAL shades so that the component meets your requirements. For better weather resistance, the products can be galvanized and electroplated in our production.


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