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Free Standing Post Box SKM Moers GmbH Standbriefkasten SKM Wandbriefkasten Wall Mounted Post Box

Post Tote Cart
SKM Zustellbehälter Rollwagen SKM Depotkiste mit Standfuß Depot Box

Commissioning Cart SKM Kommissionierwagen SKM Saalwagen Platform Truck



Our Caddies are made of flexible high-precision steel tube Ø 20 x 1.5 mm. We fabricate individually to gratify your special needs. We offer Caddies for 1, 2 or more bags. All Caddies are equipped with needle bearing wheels. We feature cold wheather grips, brakes, individual platforms and many more.


  1. height adjustable
  2. foldable
  3. stackable


RAL System, powder-coated
free choice of color tone, standard color = silver

Zeitungsroller Farboptionen Pulverbeschichtung:schwarz, gelb, grau, silber, blau, rot

Caddie Aalen SKM Roller Aalen Post Caddie Moers

Caddie Berlin Caddie BerlinCaddie Berlin Caddie MoersCaddie Moers Caddie Moers



Zeitungstaschen Farboptionen: blau, grün, gelb, orange, rot

Zeitungstaschen Stoffmuster Materialbeispiele: schwarz, blau, grün, gelb, rot, pink


  1. Berliner size: W 350 x H 260 x D 200 mm
  2. Rhenish size: W 380 x H 300 x D 250 mm
  3. Nordic size: W 420 x H 300 x D 260 mm


Our bags are made of high-quality PVC fabrics. Bags are available in follwing qualities: 620 g/m² coated on one side;, 650 g/m² coated on both sides; 600 g/m²cotton canvas. All bags are edged by black strap.


  1. printing of your logo
  2. reflective tape on the side
  3. various measurements, qualities, colors, designs


optional qualities:

  1. No. 64 – cotton canvas
  2. No. 62 – polyester fabric PVC coated on one side
  3. No. 60 – polyester fabric PVC coated on both sides


choose from standard colors:

  1. cotton canvas: red / green / blue / red brown
  2. PVC: red / green / blue / yellow / orange / black

Pocket Bag SKM Fächertasche Caddie-TascheRollertasche Caddie Bag Caddie Bags

College-Tasche Posttasche Kuriertasche Posttasche
Post Logistics 1

Postbox Postbox Postbox Postbox Post Logistics 2

Safety Wheather Jacket SKM Moers Warnwetterjacke Safety Wheather Jacket SKM Sicherheits-Funktionsjacke functional safety jacket Kiruna Functional Jacket „Kiruna“

Shoe Cleats SKM Schuh-Spikes für Schnee und Eis

SKM Baseball Cap SKM Allwetteranzug SKM Windbreaker Safety Equipment 1
SKM Warnweste SKM Regenjacke SKM Armbinde

SKM Reizgas-Spray SKM Kopfleuchte SKM Akku-Taschenlampe SKM Taschenlampe
SKM Blinker Rückstrahler SKM Not-Pfeife Trillerpfeife SKM Erste-Hilfe-Box Safety Equipment 2